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Welcome to One Hot Marriage  where positive body image, sexuality and healthy marriages* are important!

Maddie Kertay

Hi, I am  Maddie K., a woman who has learned from her mistakes and has created a  happy, sexy marriage for the last 15 years to the love of my life  My passion is my purpose- I think that everyone who wants it should have a dynamic sexy marriage that makes the most of couple-hood as well as personal growth and expression.  I think positive body image, sexual education and open communication are keys. In short I want you to find a way to be wildly satisfied with your marriage since I think that strong marriages change the world for the better.

On the home front I am the mother of 6 fantastic children ages 22-10. I have been a work-at-home mother and have homeschooled my brood for the past 20 years ( who says homeschoolers are repressed and stodgy?) .   When not yakking about or writing about sex  and marriage I am a creative sewing maniac and sewing instructor.

Besides writing here and guest posting all over the place I can be found plying my crafty ways  in current copies of leading sewing and embroidery magazines ( That is until they find out I  also writes about sex and then I am pretty sure that work is going to dry up so please do check out all of my affiliate links!)

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* Marriage

One warm body + Another warm body + Love = All good in my book.


One Hot Marriage was created for those 18 and older. The content contains frank sexual information and some images may contain nudity or implied nudity. Please consider this before moving forward through the site.

As part of good blogging practise and a requirement of the Federal Trade Commission  I disclose in this statement my multiple affiliate relationships  that might result in  commissioned links on the One Hot Marriage website and blog

I write and curate One Hot Marriage to give help, guidance, education, and inspiration  to women ( and men!) trying to enhance their marriages with fresh attitude and frank education on the topic of sex and marriage.   I spend a lot of late nights and early mornings on this labor of love. I do accept paid advertising, sponsorships, affiliate programs and other forms of compensation to  help to cover the costs of keeping the website operating and free to the users.  But here is the thing, for as much as it’s nice to earn money from this venture at heart my desire is that I share how you can have a better marriage and get through the tough parts of life while maintaining a great sex life.  I flat out will NOT promote a product that I would not happily use or recommend to a close friend. My goal is to put together the most refreshing, funny and sex positive site that I can. A place that you feel safe looking to for  answers and products having to do with sexuality and positive body image.

I participate in  affiliate programs of the places I shop and admire. These will constitute many of the links you will see in my posts. Most but not all links may result in me being paid a small commission and I thank you for that!  On my sidebar is a growing list of advertisers that I am proud to associate with my site. I do my best to get to know each of them and hope that you will enjoy shopping them for your various and sundry needs.

On occasion I will do sponsored posts for some of my select advertisers I will disclose this in the post and will always tell you what I think. Honestly this will be pretty easy since again I only allow ads from companies that I would shop from myself. If doing a review of a product I will tell you if I got it for free and if I think you should spend some money on it ( I am picky.. so take heart it will be hard to impress me!)

Blogging  of any type is about trust, blogging about sex is even more so. I hope over time to gain your trust through my actions, reviews and responses on this site. If you ever have a question about something please drop me a line and I will get back to you or if you send me your number I will even call you.. I am all cool like that.  Again, if you have read this far.. WOW..and thank you for joining me here at One Hot Marriage!



I Recommend ..

My bedside table is teetering with fantastic hot and educational books I am enjoying and I thought I would share one with you each week.

This week I am all about The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know Yes indeed multiple orgasms for you and him, what could be better? This book has been on my self for a while and  while I gave it a quick run through when I bought it last year there were other books that pulled my attention away from it ( what can I say, I am as A.D.D. as it gets even when it comes to sex!) so coming back to it was like opening an all new book and I am so glad I did!

This is a thoughtfully written book with easy to understand Eastern philosophy writing that brings the practices of “sacred sex” into  a more usable format for most of us. This is not a 1-2-3 go! sort of book. The art of intimacy and connection are greatly stressed as well as the exercises both physical and mental which help bring a couple to the place where they can share this very intense and bonding experience. – better said.. you are going to have to work to get this prize!

But once you get to the point where you can move orgasmic energy through your body in a loop multiple times ( imagine a racetrack from the base of your spine to your head and back down again) you will KNOW that the reading and practise was well worth it! .. really… really really..uh huh!

The link up top is for the paperpack version, but if you just can’t wait and you are Kindle loving folk this link is for you! The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know


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