Orgasmic Breathing and Ecstatic Orgasm

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So each month I like to challenge myself to learn something new, to work on a skill or a trait that leads to a better life and marriage. Some months it is rather utilitarian like keeping an area picked up, or making my bed ( still not so hot at that!) but sometimes it is a sexual skill, partnered or not. So while May is masturbation month I thought I would spring from that to work on breathing techniques to increase orgasm since after all masturbation without orgasm would be.. frustrating!

The fact is that most of us hold our breath when we are about to climax. I don’t know why but when we do we limit the potential of the orgasm  and while we might be having a pretty good climax, if we were deeply breathing it would be even more powerful.  Like blow the top of your head off powerful! In fact with lots of practice some women can even bring themselves to orgasm with just 3-5 big deep breaths – lucky dogs!

I had played with this idea back when first exploring Tantric sex and how you can “run” energy through your  chakras in a loop and how your breathing works in this way to intensify the feeling. But like any true person with A.D.D. I soon moved on .. but now I am back and REALLY enjoying what I am learning! ( I think the husband is too!)

I love this quick intro on the topic from Sheri and the Intimate Arts Institute.


Want to know more?  Look here at  An introduction to the finer points of Tantric Breathing 


Lastly I really like this book as a primer on reclaiming your positive sexual self. It covers so much as well as making breathing part of an ecstatic orgasm.

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal


You learned anything new recently?

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  1. I’ve learned that big deep breaths are necessary for me to help lessen the extreme intensity of orgasmic migraines. Doesn’t stop them but makes them shorter & I don’t feel like I’ve killed off quite as many brain cells. :/