Going Down – An Erotica Book Review

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Erotica is hot news these days in the media but for those of us who have been long time fans this “graying” of the literature market is tame news when you have read the good stuff way before “the shades” ever hit the market.  Of course it rarely comes better than the works edited and compiled by Rachel Kramer Bussel and I was totally happy dancing to see yet another book from her publisher in my mailbox in need of review ( such a tough life I have!)

You have to love that our mind is our most powerful sexual  organ and never does it become more clear than when diving into a good erotic read. Our intimate nature takes great pleasure in the words and mental images that make our body practically vibrate as it soaks in the  stories of Rachel Kramer Bussel’s new erotic anthology Going Down: Oral Sex Stories . Like most of Ms. Kramer Bussel’s edited works  Going Down is a unique and well composed group of erotic stories with a bit of something for everyone while not catering to one specific group besides those who happen to find  oral sex exciting or perhaps even those who are not so sure but who would like to read a steamy bit  more.

21  stories told within 206 pages of readable, plausible, seductive, and exciting sexual  story telling at its finest. Nothing so short as to leave you wanting and nothing so long as to take more than a relaxing bath time soak to read which makes it just about right for anyone who is looking to add  a bit of erotic reading to their already busy lives.

Stories take you from a young heterosexual couples first encounter with porn during a French film festival to steamy girl on girl and guy on guy  scenarios that leave you wondering what that couple next door to you does behind that high wooden fence in their back yard. From young and exploring to seasoned and appreciative I think that anyone with an open mind to maters sexual is going to find at least 75% of the offering in this book to their liking.  And the other 25% gives you room to grow into an appreciation for sex you might have never thought about.


Another book for the home erotic library!


 Cleis Press did give me the book, the tingly result was all my own!

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  1. Hmmm, interesting! Before “shades” the last erotic book I read was a book by a sex worker called “Going Down”, lol, not nearly the Julia Robert’s portrayal of the industry in “Pretty Woman”.

    I am going to pick this up…are you planning to do more book reviews? Are there some authors you like more than others?

    Suzy Mac
    President, Who’s Your Mommy, llc

    • Suzy,

      I feel pretty sure that I will like any of the compilations put together by Rachel, past that it is hit and miss but luckily most of the time you can read at least a bit on Amazon before you buy to give you are flavor for the book.