Creating the Life you Want to Lead.

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Are you living the life you want to lead? If not are you even working in the right direction? Are the things you are doing each day each moment getting you closer or farther from your goal? I read these words or something to their effect just about a year ago in a book that I honestly don’t remember much else about except from it I did a life exercise and  worked my way through their questions.

These question although simple have changed the direction of my life in some subtle and not so subtle ways by just the act of putting the words on paper. In all actuality this was a revisiting of an idea I had read many years ago in a book called The Aladdin Factor which deals with  cementing your wants and desires into some sort of tangible form – list, poster, letter.. whatever so that you can really hone in one what you want as opposed to your dream existing out in the ether it is there are attainable with the act  of being clear about your goals.

At the time I answered these questions  a year ago life was pretty chaotic and  some things were going to have to change but without vision there is no hope is there?  Change for no reason.. well what is that ?  I wrote down my answers and for the most part they seeded in my soul for some reason even though I lost track of the paper for a bit.. found it again and posted it up. I noticed this week that it had been about a year and I was amazed at how much of the list I had worked through and continue to work through even without really thinking about it.

Of course your list will look like your list..  the question is.. What do you want and what will you do to make that happen. You answer this question over and over with each thing that comes to your mind.. it seems that my mind only had 13 things in it or else I fell asleep.. but each of us has their own core needs and desires..

My List –

Be a more patient and focused mother –  I still struggle with this as a very A.D.D. sort of person but  little things like looking at my kids when they talk to me have made a big difference.

Continue to focus on my marriage to Les in big and small ways – My marriage and husband are very important to me, I keep him first and our relationship first in all the choices I make.

To make sure the children know I support them and love them even when I not not understand everything they do – Sort of my mantra for living through the teen years

Expand my business into fulfilling opportunities –  working on this

Increase my camera skills so I can volunteer for NILMDTS – this has not happened yet but it sits close to my heart.

Create a home that is reflective of a fun and happy life with colors and patterns that reflect that.  – This is coming along quite well as I work my way through the house re doing each room. 

Enhance organization with proper tools and products  being careful not to be “hoarding” items just to own them. – Also going quite well, achieving the peace of ” a place for everything” bit by bit. 

Nurture friendships in real and rewarding ways as well as cut loose relationships that are personally toxic to myself, my family and my marriage. –This has been painful but over all I can see letting go of some friendships has been good for us over all. 

Get more sleep – doing it!

Reduce/eliminate church work for 3 years until in a place where it can be done joyfully –  It has been painful but I have cut most ties with our church until I can find a place were I don’t feel like or get treated like some sort of work horse in the name of the church. 

Create a more workable schedule – in process with good results, using my Planner Pad to make sense of time and obligations.

Cook consistent easy healthy meals – Doing pretty good at this but need to build up more consistency

Create great emergency file – total fail.. must do

What’s on your list and what are you doing about it?

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  1. Loved this!
    Big on my list right now is to have my attention, my love, my thoughts…present in the moment…right here, right now.