Building the Soundtrack to your Own Happiness

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I cannot carry a tune in a bucket, nor a bag for that matter! I am just not musical, but that does not keep me from loving music and I have noticed that when I fill my days with music good things happen.  I tend to get more done and stay in a more positive mood.  Now please know that while I appreciate  opera and classical that is not the kind of music I am taking about here.

The music of my every day groove is all about happy/romantic or sexy or down right naughty.. and mostly from the 70’s and  80’s with a bit of Sinatra era remixed for today’s ear.  ( Yes, my choices make my kids want to shrivel up and die) But the fact is clear,  give me some Barry White, some Bee Gees or some Boogie Shoes from K.C. and Sunshine band and I am a happy girl!  ( But no power-ballads please!!)

And when mama is happy.. everyone is happy!  To that end I have crafted and trained multiple Pandora Radio stations to play tunes that make me happy as well and putting together CD’s filled with sounds I love. These songs fill my day and keep me moving right through tasks that might otherwise be a real pain.  ~ currently Nights on Broadway by the Bee Gees is playing…

What music speaks to your happy groove?


  1. Music is very important to me, also. Pandora (& and run almost continuously, with brief respites only when I need to play a Celtic CD. I think we usually like the music of our teen years, so it is late 60s and 70s here, along with Celtic, Swing, Crooner, Folk, Country & Classical (Orchestral, Soundtracks, Cello, Piano) for me (I have very eclectic music tastes), along with the occasional 90s (my daughter’s influence) and contemporary thrown in (I love Adele!). If I don’t like the mood I’m in, I just change the music!

    • Ohhhh I should have put Adele on my list as well… really there are so many!