Sex and Memory Foam

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Well it seems that the sleeping public is taking a stand.. or is that a lie-down ( lay -down?) on the issue of getting a good night sleep and good sex is the  possible loser. According to a report in Barrons  couples are opting for deeper sleep at the possible risk of throwing a monkey wrench into their sex life with the purchase of the oh so wonderful memory foam  sleep experience.

The claim by some is that a good romp on a memory foam mattress if more difficult than on the traditional spring coil mattress.

As the very happy owner of a top of the line, thick, cushy and delightful to sleep on memory foam mattress I thought I would weigh in on this topic with my experience since getting our  king memory foam mattress about 8 months ago.

Yes, sex does feel different but to say that it ruins sex is of an overstatement given that I am sure than in the last 8 months our bed has seen at least well over 100 middle of the night romps that prove that where there is a will there is a way!

That said –

The memory foam people are not joking when they say there is no bounce, so while this is good if you have a restless sleeping partner it does mean you are going to be putting out more personal energy to get your groove on since the bed is not going to do the bouncing for you!

There is also the issue of  “sinking in” that makes it hard to get traction for some and for others it changes the angle of play making hooking up a bit more difficult. This is where I HIGHLY suggest investing in a couple of Liberator Cushions . The lift and support you get from these really “does a body good” and really overcomes just about any issue you might have when it comes to sex and memory foam.

Past these small issue our bed has been a dream.  How about you? Does your mattress effect your sex life?



  1. A memory foam mattress topper in the back of a car is tons of fun, just for the record.

    Our mattress definitely works well for us. The only thing that is missing (we discovered after a particularly romantic weekend away) is that we need a real bed frame with a headboard firmly attached. We had a cheap bed frame that we, um, permanently bent within a couple months of marriage, and have been sleeping on the floor ever since.

    A nice sturdy headboard is on my wish list. :)

  2. I haven’t noticed any adverse effects or gotten any complaints from the fiance. And I think the better sleep quality helps the quality of the sex anyway so we are winning all around over here!