In the post How to Pick a Vibrator I went over the major and some minor categories when it comes to types of vibes. Here I will list a couple more  vibes with some guidelines for purchase. Since price is always a consideration I will start with the more budget minded models and go up from there!


At under 3 inches tall and less than $15 it does not get much cuter than these Bullet Buddies Vibrators. A very strong buzz with little more than a watch battery makes these little guys a lot of bang for the buck and buzz for the money. They are meant to be held on external sex organs so don’t be tucking these little guys any place else ok? While not for internal play they are easy to clean up, hide and ok the bear one is just too cute for words!


Little Blossom Mini is a sweet introduction to the the world of vibe pleasure.  This  is the vibe I would pick for someone who was new and nervous about vibes. With it’s smaller size -3.5 inches of sleeve length, gentle shape, non-realistic color and cute flower motif  this about as un-intimidating as it gets unless you want your vibe to look like a tiny Monkey! (see top of the page)

Rock-Chick is the darling of the G-spot/vibe world for good reason.. for many women this toy is key to being able to figure out the magic that the g-spot can unlock. The shape helps make this a hands free experience for some people.. others like to give it some assistance.  Made for dual stimulation and pressure.. like a favorite child you never want to say… but…hmmmmmm this might be a contender that is for sure!


If you theme is MORE POWER then the Hitachi Magic Wand is for you.  This is NOT going into anything, only ONTO things.. but the things it touches will be Very happy if you are the type that likes lots of intense stimulation. If you are someone who likes a light touch this one is going to be much-to-do-about-numbing but for those who love it… well lets just say there is a story about one faithful fan grabbing her’s as she ran out of her house when it was on fire.. now that is LOVE!



Water proof, excellent fingerhold placement and awesome design make  the Calla Waterproof a wonderful investment in pleasure. I like that is one is Silicone and recharges through magnet induction charging.. sort of  sexy futuristic! 7.5 inches long but the real charm lies in the lower petal shelf engineered to lay against the outer folds of skin for more  direct sensation.. oh yes! The most expensive of the bunch  at a bit over $100, this is a VERY well made vibe.. Perhaps a gift that keeps on giving?


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